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The mission of Beyond a J.O.B. is to support women, including women Veterans, regain confidence and self-sufficiency by providing the highest quality of services in personal and professional development while seeking employment or becoming an aspiring entrepreneur. 

Our Programs

We offer a range of programs geared towards the aspiring entrepreneur, speaker as well as the 9 to 5'er. We provide group and private training for women including women veterans reintegrating into civilian culture. Clients of Beyond a J.O.B. go through our personal development assessment to get clarity on which job, career or entrepreneurial journey best suites them before beginning training. They obtain hard and soft skills training, supportive services, financial literacy, employment services and retention. Programs are designed to provide valuable professional development including resume building, interviewing skills and workplace attire. 

Founder Shaquan Hoke

Shaquan Hoke, Image Consultant is also an author, inspirational speaker, and training facilitator with over 10 years of Human Resource experience. Her expertises are in professional business development, recruitment, sales and job readiness. As an Image Consultant she provides assistance in attaining the tools needed to gain employment or to map out a professional career, personal and business leadership coaching, inspirational speaking and leadership training to organizations across the world.    

Shaquan’s focus is on the quality of service provided, not the quantity of clients served. She views her clients as dynamic and diverse individuals who have ever-changing life-demands and evolving goals. No matter what your aspirations may be, Shaquan believes you can address your personal goals with a customized plan tailored for your success. 

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